Drill capacity:Ø 34MM
9 × 2 Steps
50Hz:100~1680 rpm

Drilling capacity Ø 4MM ~ Ø 34MM
Spindle taper MT4
Spindle speed, rpm 50Hz 100-1680
60Hz 120-2000
Number of speeds 18 steps
Spindle travel 125MM
Swing 450MM
Column diameter Ø 92MM
Table size, mm T285 × 395MM
T-Slot Size 14MM
Vise Jaw opening × Width × Height 76(3")×120×50MM
Base size, mm  T560 × 420 × 140MM
Pump motor 0.1kW (1/8HP) / 7L
Spindle motor 1.1kW (1-1/2HP)
Voltage 230V / 400V 3Ph
Spindle Nose To Table 690MM
Spindle Nose To Base 1110MM
Net weight, Kgs N.W -194Kg / G.W -215Kg
Packing dimension, mm (thick carton) 820× 490 × 1940MM / 27.5 Cuft
20' FCL 33 Sets
Packing cartons per machine 1
Pigment RAL 5015 + RAL 7001

Standard Accessories
Wedge Vise Table Chuck guard (for CE)

Optional Accessories
Drill chuck Tapping Attachment 52-Pc Steel Clamping Kit Work Lamp


Instructions for
1. The dual-function working table of JTD-32DP is a standard accessory. It can be converted into vise-typed stages after 180° rotation, and turned by any angles to the processing positions of work pieces.

2. The base and coolant system of JTD-32DP is made as one piece stand, which is a standard accessory. It is practical, beautiful and convenient.

3. All machines include an emergency power cutoff system, goggles and an iron-cover switch for safety power cutoff.

4. The motors of all machines can change two kinds of poles, and have the perfect speed performance of high torsion at a low speed and low current at a high speed.
5. The drilling head platform is manufactured after calibrating and adjusting right angles of the platform by means of precision instruments.

6. For economizing on packaging, JTD-32D is packed in separate units and then put into 3 Styrofoam/ cardboard boxes. JTD-32DP is assembled with vertical type and packed into a heavy-duty cardboard box according to the environmental protection of packaging practice.