Tapping :M4-M24
Variable Speed
50Hz:70~2000 rpm
Spindle speed display
Drilling capacity Ø 5MM ~ Ø 40MM
Tapping capacity Seel M4 - M20
Cast iron M4 - M24
Spindle taper MT4
Spindle speed, rpm 70   - 2000
Number of speeds Variable Speeds
Spindle travel 150MM
Swing 600MM
Column diameter Ø 115MM
Table size, mm T400 × 470MM
T-Slot Size 14MM
Base size, mm  T660 × 465 × 175MM
Pump motor 0.1kW (1/8HP) / 10L
Spindle motor 2.2kW (3HP)
CE electrics 24V CONTROL
Voltage 230V / 380V ~ 460V 3Ph
Spindle Nose To Table 715MM
Spindle Nose To Base 1145MM
Packing dimension, mm (thick carton) 1150 × 560 × 2060MM / 47Cuft
Net weight, Kgs N.W-330Kg / G.W-360Kg
20' FCL 20 Sets
Packing cartons per machine 1
Pigment RAL 5015 + RAL 7001

Standard Accessories
Wedge Chuck guard (for CE)

Optional Accessories
Drill chuck Tapping chuck 52-Pc Steel Clamping Kit Work Lamp


Instructions for
1. JS-834V / 840VB employ an AC inverter-duty motor combined with an inverter in functioning a stepless variable-spindle-speed change. It is easy to reach the required main spindle speed by lightly turning the speed controller without adjusting the belt. Thus, it is able to increase efficiency and reduce cost. And, it can also perform high torsion at a low spindle speed.

2. JS-834 is designed as an 18-different spindle speed machine. To change the main spindle speed, it requires adjusting the belt. As following the instruction to set up the belt position, it can reach a required main spindle speed.

3. The dual-function working tables of JS-834/834V/840VB are standard accessories. They can be converted into vise-typed stages after 180° rotation, and turned by any angles to the processing positions of work pieces.

4. JS-834V / 840VB both have an attached main spindle speed meter on them which can show the speed of main spindle exactly.

5. JS-834 / 834V / 840VB are precise constructions and patterned designs. As an accident occurs in process of the tapping stroke, just use one hand to lightly push the grip handle backward so that the machine can return back the knife immediately to avoid the tapping tip being broken. They are safe and reliable.

6. The bases and coolant systems of JS-834/834V/840VB are made as one piece stand, which are standard accessories.They are practical, beautiful and convenient

7. All exported machines are assembled with vertical type and packed into heavy-duty cardboard boxes individually according to the environmental protection of packaging practice.