Air Cooler

Air Cooler

Combined with magnetic base, it can be attached on either one of machines mentioned above.
It is particularly useful in task of the private machining center.
This product can be mounted on various machines.
1. Use cold air for dry finishing cutting in each cutting action.
2. Use cold air particularly for mold cooling and cleaning task.
3. The air coming from air compressor is able to cause itself to be cold air through the system.
4. Moisture is forbidden against the air from the output of the air compressor.
5. The horse power of the air compressor should be more than 2HP at least. (More HP will affect colder air)
6. The lowest temperature degree of the cold air made will be 40°C below zero (0°C-{—40-{40°C)
7. Useful in drilling, milling machine, machine center, cutting machine center, and mold cooling.