Drilling:Ø 40MM
End mill:Ø32MM
Face mill :Ø76MM
Tapping :M8-M25
6 Steps
50Hz:50~1250 rpm

Drilling capacity Casting Ø 4mm ~ Ø 40mm
Steel Ø 4mm ~ Ø 32mm
Tapping capacity OPTIONAL
End Mill Capacity Ø 32mm
Face Mill Capacity Ø 76mm
Spindle taper MT3
Spindle speed, rpm 50Hz 50,100,170,370,680,1250
60Hz 60,120,200,450,850,1500
Number of speeds 6 Steps
Throat 275mm
Spindle travel 120mm
Head Tilt -90° / +45°
Spindle nose to table 480mm
Max. Table Cross Travel 410mm / 0.025mm
Max. vertical travel 285mm / 0.025mm
Column diameter Ø 110mm
Table size, mm / Max loading weight on table T 730 × 210mm / 70kg
Number of T-Slots   3
T-Slot width × spaces T16 × 57mm
Spindle motor 750W (1HP)
Pump motor OPTIONAL
Voltage 230V / 380V~460V 3Ph
Net weight, Kgs N.W -310Kg / G.W -340Kg
Cabinet stand , mm / (L×W×H) 750 × 560 × 790mm
Machine dimension, mm / (L×W×H)  
Packing dimension, mm / (L×W×H) 780 × 850 × 1165 mm
Measurement 40 CUFT
Packing cartons per machine 1
Pigment RAL 6011

Instructions for
Electrical control box Micro feed handle Gear drive , lower noise
Draw bar JSF-400G Head Up & Down vertically JSF-450G Head Up & Down vertically
450G X/Y/Z Hand Lubrication Pump (Optional) 450G Rapid feed of Z axis (Optional) Milling Chuck (Optional)
Face Milling Cutter (Optional) Keyless chuck (Optional) Milling Chuck Kit (Optional)
52-Psc Steel Clamping Kit (Optional) K-type Milling Vise (Optional) X axis power feed (Optional)
Ground Paralles (Optional) Work Lamp (Optional) X/Y/Z 3-axis DRO (Optional)

1.Available for milling, boring, drilling, tapping and etc.

2. Gear head can be tilted 90° R & L each.

3.Clutch operated micro down feed.

4. The headstock is composed 11 piecisoion of gear (all 2.0mm pitch) and all immersed in oil bath.

5. Available CE standard as fig shows such as:Electrical, control system, cabinet stand, protecting guard.

6. Steel plate machine stand & chip tray. (for 400G / 450G)

7. Z-axis manual memory feed. (for 450G)

Standard Accessories