Drilling:Ø 40MM
End mill:Ø32MM
Face mill :Ø76MM
Tapping :M8-M25
6 × 2 Steps
50Hz:50~2500 rpm
Drilling capacity Casting Ø 4mm ~ Ø 40mm
Steel Ø 4mm ~ Ø 32mm
Tapping capacity OPTIONAL
End Mill Capacity Ø 32mm
Face Mill Capacity Ø 76mm
Spindle taper MT3
Spindle speed, rpm 50Hz 50 ~ 2500
60Hz 60 ~3000
Number of speeds 12 Steps
Throat 275mm
Spindle travel 120mm
Head Tilt -90° / +45°
Spindle nose to table 460mm
Max. Table Cross Travel 500mm / 0.025mm
Max. vertical travel 350mm / 0.025mm
Table size, mm / Max loading weight on table T 820 × 240mm / 100kg
Number of T-Slots   3
T-Slot width × spaces T16 × 64mm
Spindle motor 1100W (1-1/2HP)
Rapid feed of Z axis OPTIONAL
1/4HP Gear motor
Pump motor OPTIONAL
Voltage 230V / 380V~460V 3Ph
Net weight, Kgs N.W -700Kg / G.W -760Kg
Machine dimension, mm / (L×W×H) 1080 × 1200 × 2080 mm
Packing dimension, mm / (L×W×H) 1060 × 1060 × 1980 mm
Measurement 78.6 CUFT
Packing cartons per machine 1
Pigment RAL 5015 + RAL 7001

Instructions for
Electrical control box Micro feed handle Gear drive , lower noise
Draw bar JSF-400G Head Up & Down vertically JSF-450G Head Up & Down vertically
450G X/Y/Z Hand Lubrication Pump (Optional) 450G Rapid feed of Z axis (Optional) Milling Chuck (Optional)
Face Milling Cutter (Optional) Keyless chuck (Optional) Milling Chuck Kit (Optional)
52-Psc Steel Clamping Kit (Optional) K-type Milling Vise (Optional) X axis power feed (Optional)
Ground Paralles (Optional) Work Lamp (Optional) X/Y/Z 3-axis DRO (Optional)

1.Available for milling, boring, drilling, tapping and etc.

2. Gear head can be tilted 90° R & L each.

3. Clutch operated micro down feed.

4. The headstock is composed 11 piecisoion of gear and all immersed in oil bath.

5. Available CE standard as fig shows such as:Electrical, control system, cabinet stand, protecting guard.

6. Steel plate machine stand & chip tray.

7. Z-axis manual memory feed.

Standard Accessories